Adding bulk users from a .csv file to a Microsoft Teams team

During this week in some customer visits, multiple times I got this request to bulk upload users from .csv files into Teams. So today I’m gonna guide you through this simple tutorial for you to bulk upload users into a team with some simple scripting.

PowerShell to the Rescue

If you have a Windows machine and a Microsoft Teams account with owner rights in the team you want to add users, you could easily run a PowerShell script to add users from a .csv file containing the email from the users. For this will need a few steps to setup our machine.

Install-Module -Name MicrosoftTeams
Import-Csv -Path "YOUR_FILE_PATH" | foreach{Add-TeamUser -GroupId YOUR_TEAM_ID -user $}

PowerShell for Teams

As you just saw ,there are plenty of Microsoft Teams commands that could be ran through PowerShell, helping you automate some simple tasks through scrtipting.

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